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About eHarmony:

New Honey

eHarmony Honest Review 2021

  • Safest and Trustworthy Dating Site
  • Offers a great feature
  • Free Dating Site


  • Large member base
  • Nearly 50-50 gender split
  • Profiles are pretty detailed
  • Multiple marriage and Many success stories
  • Virtual video dates feature
  • Personality-compatibility matching system
  • Very few bots and fake profiles


  • Subscription plans are quite expensive
  • Search options are limited
  • Standard membership is limited
  • Not many communication methods

Several people have heard about eHarmony – dating apps or sites, but not always for the right reasons. It is among the most famous brands in the dating site and app industry. In late 2019, eHarmony integrated LGBT dating into its main service. With all of these identities within that service, eHarmony prepares its members for success by matching them based on a comprehensive personality quiz as well as detailed profiles. You must be a paid member to contact other members, but unlike the other services, it doesn’t force you to make gimmicky in-app purchases.

It has a much more user-friendly interface as well as a great filtering tool. It remains one of the best options right now for everyone who’s looking for love. Also, it is a realistic choice if you’re looking for a meaningful, long-term relationship.

Get Started

You can create an eHarmony profile on the web, as well as through the iOS and Android apps. We tested eHarmony on all platforms and we have discovered that the sign-up and user experience were consistent over time.

After filling up some questions about your name, email, as well as location, and also where you heard about the company, you start the profile setup. eHarmony first asks how many children you have, then your age and religious affiliation. The website does not allow the user to select atheist or agnostic, rather prompting you to choose Neither Religious nor Spiritual.

Same-sex dating has now become permissible on eHarmony. On the first sign-up screen, you then choose your preference. You can now browse for other men if you select that you are a man. Women can look for other women. More modern apps nowadays provide a wide variety of identities.  If you previously had an account with Compatible Partners, you can import your data into eHarmony.

How Does eHarmony Work?

eHarmony is indeed a dating site like so many others, but it does have a patented dedication to the science of matchmaking that distinguishes it from biggest competitors out there. This aspect is noticeable in the eHarmony signup process’s key feature: the personality profile. eHarmony members are greeted with a lengthy compatibility quiz before their eHarmony profiles can even be completed, unlike many other low-commitment sites where you create a generic profile and therefore can immediately start swiping.

This feature is known as the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility Quiz, and then it forms the foundation for their relationship-building formula. The approximately 100-question survey also acts as a deterrent to those who are not looking for a serious relationship. This means a lot of people you meet on eHarmony will be just as committed to the process as you are!

Because it is not possible to complete sign-up without completing this assessment. Because you want the Compatibility Score listed with each of your matches to become an accurate indicator of your true personalities, the answers you give to these questions will assess how much you can get out of the site.

An early error that new users constantly make is being wildly optimistic in their quiz answers. When asked to describe their emotional stability, many other people fail to admit whether they are prone to reacting before thinking about such a situation.

These partial answers can distort the compatibility matching system’s functionality. The primary objective of eHarmony is to find people who are compatible with even your worst character traits. If you aren’t completely honest with yourself in the questionnaire, you might discover that your matches are more compatible with the person you dreamed yourself to be rather than your authentic self.

No one likes that in a relationship, so it is better swallowing the bitter pill, looking for advice from a friend you can give you honest answers, as well as cautiously assessing what has and has not worked for you in previous partners. This way, you can ensure that the service has the absolute best likelihood of succeeding.

Members on the eHarmony Dating Site: Who Are They?

eHarmony has around 29 million members in the United States alone, with 16 millions of them active every week. That is a colossal quantity that you do not like being a part of. The current global membership exists at 29 million people from over 22 countries.

Members were between the ages of 25 and 34. What does this imply? It means the majority of members are of marrying age (stage) and therefore are looking for a partner. And that they are most likely prepared for marriage.

The majority of people here are also educated as well as lead comfortable lives. You’re impossible to encounter a gold digger, which gives eHarmony a huge benefit over the other online dating services.

The gender split works synergistically, with male members surpassing female members by only 6%. On this site, it appears that there is someone for everyone, so users won’t be fighting over a match.

What Do Member Profiles Show at eHarmony?

Understand that comprehensive personality test you took during the sign-up process.  That information is displayed on your profile, and prospective matches can view it. And, only your matches and vice versa have access to your profile.

Your personality profile also contains your preferences, a “About me” section, as well as a compatibility tab – a character-trait tab that shows the compatibility between the values of your matches and yours.  This tab displays characteristics like intellect, romance, accommodation, social values, and many more. The tab has a total of 15 attributes.

A Question & answer section, which is not really a required field, will also show up on your eHarmony profile. It is just a series of random questions that you can choose to answer or not.

We suggest that you respond to these. Perhaps you’ll be able to see your matches’ responses to similar questions – and decide whether or not you both agree on something. It’s important to note that as a standard member, you won’t even be able to see your matches’ images, which is only accessible to premium members. You can, however, update your personality-profile sections at any time.

eHarmony Dating App

If you’re a single person on the go, the eHarmony dating app comes in very handy. It is free to download and therefore is available for both Android as well as iOS users. Unlike many other dating apps, this one includes all of the features available on the desktop version. That is entirely due to the fact that you do not miss any of eHarmony’s features while searching the site on the go.

This app is also one of the most user-friendly dating apps, which is great if you’re really into apps as well as technology. You’ll also encounter few advertisements while using the application, which is a plus if you dislike pop-ups.

Finding a Suitable Match

It takes time to find the right one. eHarmony is looking to find you someone to spend the rest of your life with, and that this is not something that could be done half-heartedly or hastily. Only if your life is strikingly close to a rom-com, it may take a couple of weeks — or even months — to filter out all of the incompatible ones. It can be pretty frustrating, but know that “slow and steady wins the race.  If it appears to have taken a long time, that just doesn’t mean it’ll never work — that’s how it is for everyone.

By looking at your compatibility score, you can boost the matchmaking process. Depending on your answers to the questionnaire, a color-coded graphic will demonstrate which needs or wants you share with each person you meet. The mismatch will be evident if one person is focused on children and family while the others are focused on a career as well as travel.

The absence of a search feature distinguishes eHarmony. Not at all. It won’t also let you browse a list of who’s near the area outside of the matches they’ve chosen for you, unlike the other dating sites and apps. Every day, you’ll receive a new batch of matches, which is perfect if you’ve made some good decisions in the past, but terrible if one day’s batch occurs to be full of people you don’t really want to meet.

On the other hand, the matches you do get are very probable to want to talk to you since you’re clearly compatible and also have lots in common — and you won’t get random messages from a million random people you’d never talk to.

You don’t even have to match with someone to connect with them, as you’ll recognize when names and faces you’ve not seen before appear in your inbox. You can think about your own opening line in the message section, send a pre-made icebreaker question, or simply send a smile emoji, which is similar to poking on Facebook.

There are about 10 million users which appears to be a substantial dating pool, you are difficult to find a match every hour as you might on a swiping app. eHarmony wants to slow down things here, and the algorithm does not really want you to always choose the same people. If you went crazy with the filters when choosing criteria for possible matches and gave intense answers on the sliding scales, a few sign-in sessions will more than likely result in tumbleweeds.

Using eHarmony to Reach Out and Date

There really is a reason you can’t search for people on eHarmony – the dating site’s matching algorithm does most of the legwork for you. They consider making certain that you receive daily compatible matches with people who have similar interests as well as preferences.

However, if you subscribe to any of their plans, your matches also included users who are not in your compatibility zone – and those who are in your location. You can also use the site’s basic search filter. It enables you to filter your matches depending on age and, if you’re really a premium user, location.

If you do not even find a match from a provided day’s list of proposed people, you’ll really had to wait for an updated match list the next day or two. You can notify your matches once you’ve received them. But here’s the toss: only premium users have complete access to the contacting features, such as sending as well as responding to messages.

If you are a standard member, more of you can do is send your potential partners five “favorite” questions produced by the site. You can also send winks to people and add them to your favorites list. You can’t see the profiles of many other active users or those who are online, with the exception of the matches recommended by the site.

How Much Is the Price of eHarmony Services?

One of the most expensive online dating sites is eHarmony. While it may be off-putting to some, it indicates that those who use this site are serious about finding love since they are willing to pay for it! Don’t be put off because of the price.

It should be stated that you can also sign up for a free membership on this website. You will, however, have limited functionality. You will indeed be able to register, send winks, add people to your favorites list, and many more, but you’ll never be able to read or respond to any of the messages.

Premium members, on the other side, have access to a lot of features. This offers unlimited messaging as well as photo viewing. Despite the eHarmony costs of the premium of this dating site and app, it is worthy as it is offering unlimited features where you can access completely all the functionality that cannot be accessed in standard or what we called free. It also has a higher chance of meeting, matching someone and even it leads to dating. This premium is only for the members who are willing to pay as well as looking for a serious relationship, and many others.

The User Interface and Usability

eHarmony is mainly a matchmaker, it can be an app and a website, so features and usability are significant factors for users. Below are the breakdown of the primary feature interface and rate its overall usability.


Along with many of the usual dating app suspects, eHarmony has a lot of significant features. Even so, for a site that prides itself on standing out from the crowd in terms of long-term commitments made, it has some unexpected events for those who are addicted to a particular style of service.

The 29-dimension personality test is a remarkable distinction straight away. This is the very first step in letting the algorithm do the job for you. You can start browsing once your compatibility measures have been identified as well as your profile has been created.

To put it simply, browsing matches on eHarmony is peculiar. Rather than having to sift through and filter a wide range of options, you are hand-delivered twelve new matches to your inbox each day. These fewer matches are meant to ensure that you extensively consider all of your options. Sometimes the one turns out to be someone you least expect!

You can learn how to interact by using Smiles, computer-generated Icebreakers, or even your own personalized introductions. These alternative methods allow for success at various comforts, but they really work the same way: letting everyone know you’re interested and getting the first step toward getting to know them.

After a short period of back-and-forth in the app, you will also be given the option to begin a Video Date. Given the necessary limitations of social distancing orders, this popular feature is available to maintain the integrity of the first date experience.

The Video Date feature is not immediately available with a new match; the service chooses that you get to know each other first. That being said, once you’ve attained their interaction limit, it’s a good way to test the waters without having to exchange contact details too soon.

As you meet and socialize, you can save personal favourites and access them in a separate tab along with your daily recommended matches.


The practical usability of a feature interface coincides with its interface of features. In order to fulfill this criterion, the eHarmony website must respond to two distinct groups of people.

The first is today’s young adults, who grew up with technology as well as anticipate a certain degree of sophistication or even style from the websites with which they interact. eHarmony does have a newly updated layout that is consistent on both PC and mobile devices and formatted in a manner in terms of other dating platforms, making it very easy to use for tech-savvy millennials.

The second group is made up of older users who lack inherent tech knowledge but still want the chance to find a successful match. Luckily, eHarmony lacks the mystifying extra options as well as notifications contained on other dating apps, making the whole thing simple to learn even for those who aren’t often used spending their free time on numerous mobile apps.

If you’re not sure if eHarmony is perfect for you, you also can create a free account as well as try it out for yourself!

eHarmony Analysis

If you’re looking for a long-term commitment but don’t have too much fortune with the dating game recently, odds are you’re not trying to rush into a relationship before even making sure it’s right for you. The design of eHarmony is effectively tailored to the specific situation. Their matchmaking as well as guided dating processes are slower than those of competing platforms, but what eHarmony lacks in immediate satisfaction, it compensates for with a much higher chance of succeeding.

eHarmony’s Special Features

  • Send a Smile: Sending a smile to a potential match is indeed a good way to connect with them. The “Send a smile” button is placed beneath each of the profile pics in your matches’ section. When you click the smiley icon, you will send a smile to the receiver.
  • Send Questions: You can send automated questions to your matches, as well as the potential dates can choose whether or not to answer them. Also, it’s a way to kickstart – or continue – a conversation. This feature is indeed helpful if you are a standard member who cannot send or reply to messages.
  • Add to Favorites: This is a popular feature on most dating sites, such as eHarmony. To add your matches to your favorites list, click the star icon on their profile pages. It also is a good way to limit down potential dates to those you’re interested in.
  • What If-feature: Did you know you can get matches who aren’t on your list of preferences? Yes, because of the “What If” feature. Though it is a paid feature, it tends to help to provide additional potential matches.
  • Video Date: How about getting to know someone in a serious relationship in the privacy of your own home? With this feature, eHarmony provides an opportunity. It is a paid feature, but it enables you to meet other people via video chat.

Is eHarmony a Worthy Dating Site?

Based on features, philosophy, as well as key milestones described above, we believe eHarmony’s subscription delivers on its pledge. Even though the price is slightly higher than for a more general service, but if you’re serious about finding love with someone, the price can however work in your pursuit. Someone looking for a one-night stand or a no-strings-attached relationship is highly improbable to be interested in paying that monthly fee.

eHarmony is really the premier service for dating with the intent to marry, and that there is no better place to look if that is your goal. But the quality of the matchmaking service that you get for a very decent price is what convinces us for. All of the algorithms are explicitly designed to find you a compatible match.

The success stories speak for themselves, so if you’d like to embark on your journey to a lifetime of love as well as join their impressive ranks, look no farther than a subscription to

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